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Olivia Culpo and the ‘total black look’ with which she stopped traffic in Los Angeles

Olivia Culpo | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

once again the beauty queen olivia culpo spark a furor thanks to one of her stunning red carpet looks. And this time it took place during the Christmas party held by Revolve x AT&T in Los Angeles, California. Read on to find out the details!

It was from digital platforms such as Twitter and Instagram that some photographs of the most commented looks were released during the night that celebrated the holiday season, the former Miss Universe being one of those who stole the show.

Olivia Culpo |  Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Olivia Culpo | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

And it is that Olivia Culpo paraded down the red carpet dressed in a total black look made up of a very tight dress with dangerous openings that showed his heart attack figure. We cannot leave out the heeled boots that hugged her thighs in the same color.

It should be noted that her tight piece also had a dangerous neckline that gave her fashion proposal a daring touch. Contrary to her outfit, the famous woman wore natural makeup with neutral tones, as well as a relaxed styling for her long brown hair.

Olivia Culpo |  Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Olivia Culpo | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

It wasn’t long before Olivia Culpo’s look went viral on social networks and as a result she became the target of various compliments from her fans and the occasional celebrity.

“Shocking”, “What a beauty”, “The hair of the season”, “I love your look”, “I am obsessed”, “Gorgeous” and “You take my breath away”, are some of the messages that are read on the network.

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