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Oliver Ingrosso’s girlfriend Zoe-Fay Brown shows off her pregnant belly on Instagram

Oliver Ingrosso and his girlfriend Zoe-Fay Brown are expecting a little – and now Brown is showing off her pregnant belly for the first time on social media.

Photo: Instagram @zoefaybrown/@oliveringrosso

Last week, Oliver Ingrosso, 33, revealed that he and his girlfriend Zoe-Fay Brown, 29, are expecting a child:

“I’m so happy, but I don’t think it has [sjunkit] in than completely. I’ve talked to several men who would become fathers and they all say exactly the same thing: You, as a father, don’t understand anything until you’re standing and holding the baby at BB and kind of panicking,” he said in the podcast. No beige mothers.

Ingrosso also told that Brown is eighteen weeks pregnant.

Showing off her pregnant belly on Instagram

After the news was released, Zoe-Fay Brown has now for the first time posted a picture of her pregnant belly on social media.

During Saturday, she published a picture in her story on Instagram where she stood in what appeared to be Bianca Ingrosso’s apartment – with her pregnant belly clearly visible under a short top.

In the podcast Inga beiga morsor, Oliver Ingrosso told that he is currently living in his sister’s apartment in central Stockholm because his own apartment is being renovated, and presumably Zoe-Fay is also living in the apartment at the moment.

Brown has also published several pictures of the belly from New York, where she and Oliver are currently.

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