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Old books: how to care, tips

Some books have been with us for so long that we have a special attachment to them, but to keep them well, it is not enough to keep them in a tightly closed box, on the contrary, it is necessary to arrange them on an organized shelf and periodically clean them. . Soon, to take care of old books, accommodating them well on the shelf is the first step, store them on the shelf, leaning against each other at a right angle. Keep in mind that there needs to be enough space for the books to fit snugly but be able to be pulled off the shelf without rubbing against other books and without having to pull them by the spine. If in doubt, learn how to organize the shelves.

Do not leave objects between the pages of the book (Photo: disclosure)

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Old books: how to care

At tips for caring for old books are to remove the dust so that the products do not deteriorate, since the dust can cause oxidation, leaving the pages darker. Also, dust can gather with grease and mold and cause the paper to smear. Use a dry cloth to clean covers and shelves. If the cover is very dirty, you can use a soft brush that should also be passed over the cut and the spine.

Always have a flannel nearby to clean the book covers (Photo: publicity)

Other suggestion for taking care of old books always handle them with clean and dry hands. Also be careful with greasy foods that can damage the book and make it look ugly. When opening the book, also check that its opening reaches an angle of 180 degrees, or if it is necessary to open it less so that the spine does not break. Bedside books should be stored in plastic cases that can protect them from damage. Also avoid putting papers, clips and even rose petals inside the books because they can leave marks between the pages.

Store books on shelves with enough space to take them out without having to force them.

You caring for old books they also extend to parts that may be greasy, if this is the problem with your book, moisten a flannel with degreasing and pass over the spine, the cover, the ears and the back of the book covers. This procedure, however, should only be done on plasticized covers and on books that are not very old, manufactured before 1950, for example. You can follow even more tips for caring for hardcover books.

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