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Olaplex’s best-selling hair mask that celebrities like J.Lo and Rosie HW love

There is one particular product that has managed to make an impression on beauty enthusiasts in recent years. In fact, it has made an impression on almost everyone—so much so that when we look at the best-selling products from last year, it was by far the most common product on retailers’ bestseller lists!

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Award-winning hair saver

And no, it’s not a product from a big beauty conglomerate and that’s what makes Olaplex’s success so fascinating! Olaplex can be used by everyone regardless of hair length or hair type.

Olaplex is an award-winning hair savior in need, which since its launch in 2014 has become something of a global success. When the hairdressing system appeared on the Swedish market, it took both hairdressers and consumers by storm, and the products are currently used in more than 5,000 salons in Sweden.

It is the first product developed that actually repairs the hair – and is designed to repair damaged hair and protect it against stress from color and bleaching but also everyday wear and tear from heat tools.

First, two products were launched for salon use and one for home use

From the beginning, two products were launched for salon use, No. 1 and No. 2, as well as no. 3 hair perfectors for home use. The salon products are an intensive treatment that can be done to refresh the hair or be used to strengthen and protect the hair in connection with coloring, curling, bleaching or other chemical treatment. no. 3 is a home treatment that maintains hair ties between hairdresser visits.

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