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Ola unveils new ice cream poster and Rol is back

Here is the lineup for Olá for 2023. The big news is the long-awaited return of Rol, the ice cream that marked a generation.

Ice cream season is open. The new poster for Olá is finally on the streets with news that will make all Portuguese mouths water.

Magnum continues to surprise in 2023 with not one, but two innovations. The brand presents a duo concept with an ice cream for the day and another for the night, to show that with Magnum it is possible to enjoy every moment.

So, there’s the Magnum Double Star, a popcorn ice cream with caramel sauce topped with crunchy Magnum chocolate and pieces of caramelized popcorn, and the Magnum Double Sun, a delicious coconut ice cream with mango and passion fruit sauce, covered with white chocolate and crispy coconut pieces.

The Cornetto, a classic by Olá, presents an unexpected collaboration, in a new cream ice cream with pieces of Filipino white chocolate in a chocolate cone with a disc of white chocolate on top and with pieces of Filipinos.

For fruit lovers, in addition to the well-known Soleros Exótico and Barrinha de Manga, in 2023, Olá presents the new Picoleros, in the varieties of Pineapple with Mint and Strawberry with chocolate coating.

role is really back

Rol fans will finally be able to miss this classic. The famous trio of chocolate ice cream, malt and caramel covered in milk chocolate will return to the Olá poster at the request of many Portuguese people.

There are also novelties designed especially for children: the Buzz Lightyear ice cream, inspired by the Disney movie Toy Story, with fans all over the world, which will combine the flavors of pineapple, lemon and blackberry in the shape of a rocket.

Also noteworthy is Gominis, a sachet of 5 mini ice creams, in strawberry, blackberry, cola and marshmallow flavors, with a perfect surprise for the youngest – a tattoo of the characters in this ice cream. Perfect for sharing.

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