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Oh, oh… some Overwatch 2 heroes would be locked by the Battle Pass • ENTER.CO

Well… this doesn’t start well. According to a report, Overwatch 2 would make a major change in the way it releases its new champions. According to a leak of the battle pass that would accompany the first season of the game, these new characters will not be available to everyone. Instead, they will initially only be available through premium battle passes on the day they launch. The other alternatives will be that you complete all the missions of the normal battle pass to be able to have them… or that you simply pay for the privilege of trying the new meta.

The information was obtained thanks to a description that was on the official site of the game, which had some details about what the first battle pass would include. This description was later removed, but we have an excerpt of what it said:

“With the Season One Premium Battle Pass, you can unlock over 80 tiers of rewards, including Mythic Cyber ​​Demon Genji, Legendary Hinotori Kiriko, and more. Plus, as a Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owner, you’ll automatically receive access to Overwatch’s latest hero, Kiriko!”

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The model is not necessarily new to Overwatch or EA. Many free to play games offer similar models. Pokemon Unite, for example, tends to release its new pokemon/champions early for those who decide to pay for them, though they are later made available to anyone who has the resources to unlock them. The fact that it is common practice does not lessen the frustration of players who, with some reason, see these models as tactics to force payouts or endless grinding sessions.

Again, these changes were to be expected. ‘Overwatch 2’ will be free to play unlike the first title. Although the objective with this is to increase the player base, it also means that the title will have to bet on a little more aggressive ways of monetizing. Time will tell if Overwatch 2 is entertaining enough to warrant such an investment in its champions.

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