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Official: Mexican clubs will not compete for the Copa Libertadores in the short term; the president of the FMF explained why

In addition to talk about the restructuring of Liga MX Y national team themesthe president of the fmf, yon de Luisa, spoke at a press conference about a possible return of Mexican clubs to Conmebol competitions, such as the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, which he ruled out in the short term.

Initially, de Luisa spoke about the news that was revealed last week of the return to the Copa América of the Concacaf teams, such as Mexico, the United States and Canada; However, she explained that, at the club level, the union between Conmebol and the teams of the Confederation of Central America, North America and the Caribbean is much more complex, although the first step has already been taken.

“The Copa Libertadores issue is an issue between Concacaf and Conmebol. Today we have the great news from last Friday and we had already said that first the part of the teams had to be opened by playing Conmebol tournaments and that opens the key to the talks for club soccer, ”he said.

The boss of Mexican soccer was clear in saying that, Despite the efforts and the desire for the Liga MX teams to play the Libertadores again, this is not viable in the short term due to calendar issues, but it is something that will be analyzed in the coming years.

The possibility (at the club level) has a second degree of complexity due to the calendars of the two confederations and the leagues themselves. It is not something that is seen in the short term, both the MX League and the FMF will continue looking for the best competitions. Short term Due to the issue of calendars, it is not viable. Let’s wait for the next few years”, he sentenced.

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