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Official List of Approved in the INSS 2016

check the official list of approved INSS 2016 and the notes of those approved inss to check your classification and find out whether or not you can join the inss summoned list.

The official list of the 2016 INSS contest comes out on June 20 (Photo: Disclosure)

Studying for a public contest and preparing is what thousands of Brazilians have been doing in recent years, after all, having professional stability and having better pay is what everyone dreams of. The INSS contest is one of the most competitive and everyone keeps an eye on the

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Official List of Approved in the INSS 2016

After taking the exam, candidates should pay attention to when the official list of approved INSS 2016to find out where you are ranked, if you will be able to fill one of the vacancies available at the moment, or if you will have to wait until a new opportunity arises.

Enrolled in the last contest held by the INSS

In the INSS contest held in 2012, the number of applicants was 904,459 just for the position of technician and for the position of Expert, 11,760 people were enrolled. All these people who signed up had the same purpose of occupying a position with the body. However, he only achieved that he was better prepared and obtained a high average.

Candidates were able to see the list of approved inss published in the Official Gazette of the Union, which was published between pages 106 and 201 of Section 3.

Official list of approved candidates for the 2016 INSS contest

For consult the list of approved contest INSS 2016 you must access www.cespe.unb.br (Access HERE), and check if your name is among those summoned to the National Institute of Social Security.

Together with result of the objective tests of the INSS 2016the organizer will announce the call for the medical examination of the candidates who declared themselves to be disabled and the call for the verification of the declared condition of those who compete for the vacancies reserved for blacks.

For more information about the contest, visit www.cespe.unb.br/concursos/INSS_2015

Where does the list of approved INSS 2016 come out?

In addition to the Cespe/UnB website, the names of those approved in the 2016 INSS contest will also be published in the Official Gazette of the Union, and can be consulted from 19:00 on June 20th.

It is worth remembering that in order to pass it, it is necessary to obtain at least 10 points in Basic Knowledge, 21 points in specific knowledge and 36 points in the sum of the exam.

For 2017, the INSS contest has not yet been announced, as studies are being finalized so that, only after that, can a new public notice be requested from the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MPOG).

The server shortage has not yet been disclosed, it’s all a matter of time for the information to be released. Stay tuned for the public notice, as it should be out soon and we will disclose it here for you.

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