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Official: FIFA sanctioned the Uruguayan team and four players for a brawl at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Players of the Uruguayan team making claims to the referee in Qatar 2022.

Photo: Buddha Mendes/Getty Images

After the brawl that broke out in the last match of the Uruguayan team in the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, FIFA announced this Friday the corresponding sanctions against those involved in the string of claims to the arbitration shortlist.

Through a statement Early this Friday morning, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee revealed that after “an exhaustive analysis of the facts, it held the Uruguayan Football Association responsible for of the discriminatory behavior of their fans, as well as of the inappropriate conduct, the offensive and inappropriate behavior and the breach of the principles of sportsmanship of the members of their national team”.

The Uruguayan Football Association was penalized with the partial closure of the stadium (stands located behind the goals) in the next match organized by FIFA that its absolute team played as host and a fine of close to $54,000 dollars.

Which players were punished?

  • Atlético de Madrid defender José María Giménez was given a four-game suspension, community service through soccer and a fine of nearly $22,000.
  • Goalkeeper Fernando Muslera will also not be able to play for four games, he will have to do community service through soccer and pay more than $20,000 in fines.
  • Forward Edinson Cavani, now at Valencia, will only be out for one game, but he will also have to submit to community service and pay a $16,000 fine just like his teammate, defender Diego Godin.

It should be noted that the suspensions in the matches will be in official matches with the Uruguayan team. This will not affect them in the club section as originally thought.

Uruguay brawl in Qatar

The decision made by the organization was made due to the violent and offensive behavior of these players after the end of the match against Ghana in which their early elimination from the tournament was completed thanks to the adverse result that Portugal obtained against South Korea.

Edinson Cavani destroyed the VAR monitor located in the changing room tunnel when he left the field of play. Muslera and Godin faced part of the refereeing shortlist with insults and a rather violent attitude, like José María Giménez, who even hit the FIFA competitions director with an elbow to the neck.

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