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Office tables models and tips

At office tables are essential to create a functional and organized work environment. They must be chosen based on the needs of each space and also considering the routine of activities.

The office table must recognize the needs of the environment. (Photo: Reproduction/Archiexpo)

O office it is not an exclusive division of companies. It has also gained importance at home, after all, thousands of people are opting for home office life. To create a productive and stimulating space, the first step is to choose the right furniture.

Office furniture should be comfortable, functional and ergonomic. In addition to thinking about the work desk, the resident should also be concerned with choosing a comfortable chair and a good shelf to improve organization.

What this article covers:

office table designs

The table is, without a doubt, the protagonist of the office decoration馃嚙馃嚪 It must be spacious, that is, offer enough space to place the computer, printer, telephone, pen holder and other work items.

Large and modern table.(Photo: Reproduction/Modernmiami)

Large and modern table.(Photo: Reproduction/Modernmiami)

At office tables can be found in different models in furniture stores. They differ in terms of size, shape, material and design. There are a variety of desks on the market, so it’s not always an easy task to choose the perfect model.

See below the main office desk models馃嚙馃嚪

counter office desk

The desk desk is specially designed for people who use a lot of items in their daily work. This piece of furniture has a very large surface, which perfectly accommodates the computer, document folders, pen holders, among other items. In this way, it is possible to work in an organized and comfortable way.

The counter table has a wide surface.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Inspiradecoration)

The counter table has a wide surface. (Photo: Reproduction/ Inspiradecoration)

L-shaped office desk

The L-shaped desk was created with a special purpose: to take advantage of space in the office. It has a very compact design and consists of straight lines, so it can be placed in the corner of the room. To further favor the feeling of spaciousness, opt for a piece of furniture with a light color.

The desk with drawers is an advantageous choice for the office because it offers storage spaces. In this way, the resident can store his work materials, such as an agenda, calculator and pens. Drawers are useful and reduce the accumulation of things on the table.

Office desk with storage space.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Gomodern)

Office desk with storage space. (Photo: Reproduction/ Gomodern)

Tips for choosing an office desk

  • When decorating the desk, don’t include too many items. The ideal is to add just a few elements capable of giving the piece of furniture a touch of personality, such as an inspiring book, decorative figurines, picture frame or decorative vase.
  • The office table model can reflect the type of work carried out in the environment. If it is an advertising office, for example, you can choose furniture with bolder lines and vibrant colors. The accounting office asks for neutral colors and formality.
  • Do you want to combine the table with other furniture that already exists in the office? So try to value a common color among all the pieces.
Table for a sober office.  (Photo: Playback/Besthome)

Table for a sober office. (Photo: Playback/Besthome)

Enjoy the tips from office tables and choose the furniture model that best fits the needs of your work environment.

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