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office decorating ideas

If you are in search of office decorating ideas it is worth checking the tips that we have included in the article below, to help people who need suggestions to organize the environment of that space that is used to take care of business and receive customers.

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With the popularization of various types of technologies, it is increasingly common work at home🇧🇷 But for the business to work well and commercial activities not to mix with domestic tasks, it is recommended to separate a space in the residence to create your home Office🇧🇷

Having chosen the location, which can be an unoccupied room or even a vacant room, you can already start thinking about the office decorso that it looks like a commercial point, as if your work were being carried out in a commercial property.

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What this article covers:

office decorating ideas

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At office decor tips help to make the chosen space more pleasant, so that you feel motivated to fulfill your work schedule, as if you were really working in a company (in the case of the home officeit is clear).

You can start by defining the furniture, which for the smallest spaces comes down to, for example, the desk, comfortable chair, shelves and drawers. The size of the table, shelves and drawers and the number of chairs varies according to the type of business and whether you will receive customers on site.

Depending on the type of room, it is also interesting to use curtainsto control the intensity of light in the space and give more privacy🇧🇷 To make the environment more “alive” and beautiful, it is worth adding at least one plant and betting on paintings and photographs on the wall, as well as some decorations.

Others tips for decorating offices include valuing lighting, both natural and artificial; the use of shelves, to keep books and notes related to their work; the installation of small baskets or trash cans, so that garbage does not accumulate on the table or is scattered on the floor; and avoid exposing PC, phone and other equipment wires by using accessories that allow you to hide them.

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In the following photos, check out images of other office decorating ideas and get inspired to change the look of your work corner.

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