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Office armchairs: models, prices, where to buy

The armchairs, besides being beautiful to match the decoration of your office, need to be comfortable. Choosing these objects is not always easy, but you need to pay attention to some factors before taking a product like this to your work corner. One of the main tips is to try the office chair in the store itself. Sit on it and confirm that you will indeed be comfortable.

Office armchairs can be purchased in several stores (Photo: Disclosure)

When the purchase is made over the internet, it is necessary to give more importance to the product description data that appears on the website. Make comparisons between office seating options and their respective descriptions. The material, the thickness of the seat, the proportion of the armrest of the item and the part that serves as the back support, must be observed.

What this article covers:

Lojas Americanas office seats

In Lojas Americanas you will surely find office seats🇧🇷 Models vary and can have the look of chairs and the comfort of full armchairs. It’s up to you to find the type that best suits your needs. Remember that the more hours you sit, the better the quality of the purchased product. Below is a list of product tips that may satisfy you as office armchairs and chairs:

Office Catalonia Black Gold Base – Rivatti (BRL 719.00)

Office Cordoba Preta – Rivatti (R$ 629.00)

Armchair Roma – Corino Preto – Gazin (R$ 259.00)

Denver armchair – White Corino – Pelmex (BRL 789.00)

Chelsea armchair US 517 Suede Brown – Ristretto (BRL 769.00)

Armchair Belgium – Brown Suede – Paropas (BRL 849.00)

Invest in office armchairs (Photo: Disclosure)

Office armchairs at Magazine Luiza

reclining armchairs can be an excellent choice for your office. For this, it is enough to know how to purchase the product that fits in the desired space. For this, it is enough to know how to purchase the product that fits in the desired space. Before buying, pay attention to the size. In Magazine Luiza you can have access to all this information. See below for some examples of products for your office with this profile:

Class 2 Reclining Armchair – Matrix (BRL 360.00)

Daddy Reclining Armchair 3 Positions – Matrix (BRL 831.58)

Jetta Double 3 Position Reclining Armchair – Matrix (BRL 1,510.00)

Spider Armchair – Spazzio Nobre (BRL 1,210.10)

Decorative Armchair – Matrix Taty (BRL 590.00)

  • Prices may change.

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