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O Grove is the best that Galicia has to offer

O Grove has countless reasons to be chosen as a rest destination. Discover one of the most pleasant landscapes in Galicia.

THE grove it can become an unforgettable holiday or leisure destination. Located in the province of Pontevedra, part of the autonomous community of Galicia, Grove is a Spanish municipality that hides some secrets that you must discover.

A destination that has countless reasons to become memorable, from the beaches, to the thermal waters, to the gastronomy, to the people… There are many arguments that make the Grove one of the most emblematic points of tourist interest in the region of Galicia.

What to see and do in O Grove

There are many places to visit and a lot to see and be dazzled by. Discovering and photographing the Sculpture Network (more than 50 works of art spread across the streets, a number that increases every year) is a great way to value art and human creativity.

The Chapel of A Toxa is a hermitage dedicated to the Virgin of Carmo and São Caralampio. Visiting protected areas is another good way to spend some time (for example, go to Con Negro, see Lagoa A Bodeira or Rede Natura, an area for the protection of native species).

routes and walks

Among the various activities that can be done in O Grove, there are also pedestrian routes (Percurso dos Lagarteiros, Wooden Walkways) and activities related to water. Taking a boat trip is one of the most relaxed ways to discover the Grove.

The necropolis Adro Vello is another unforgettable point, an ancient Roman villa that allows us to know a little about how people lived in times that were already very distant.

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Going to Grove and not visiting its beaches means not getting to know the region in its essence. It’s like coming back, without ever having gone… There are beautiful beaches that prove to be precious, even with the weather not inviting for diving or sun exposure.

There are 10 kilometers of sand that you can enjoy.

  • Launched
  • cross area
  • Kite Area
  • Raeiros
  • Reboredo Area
  • Large Area
  • O Carreiro, Mexiloeira, Confin).
  • Small coves (such as Barreiriño, Barreiro, A Barrosa, Burato da Londra and Porto dos Padroneses)
  • Portino (ideal for pets)
Capelo in O Grove by the sea

Where to eat

Mussels are one of the local specialties and there are many restaurants that serve them in the best way. D. Mexillón 2 (Av. de Beiramar, 51) is one of those restaurants. Among other possibilities are restaurants such as Pousada do Mar, El Crucible (Beiramar Avenue 6), Laundry Tavern (San Antonio, 2 | Nuevo Nombre de la Calle, 36980, O Grove) among other possibilities.

Where sleep

THE Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja it is a luxury option for those looking for the best places to sleep. It is a 5 star hotel located near the O Grove Peninsula.

THE Hotel Norat Marina & Spa is 4 stars and proves to be a good alternative, just like the Hotel Spa Atlantico.

There are also apartments (like Lofts Complejo Playa Mar or New apartment on Isla de la Toja) and holiday homes (Four-Bedroom Holiday Home in Sanxenxo, Five-Bedroom Holiday Home in Vista Alegre or Casa Balbina) that ensure the best conditions for those who want to spend splendid days. THE villa Raeiros house 45 it is an excellent alternative.

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