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Nutritionist confesses that there was a kiss with Jorge Salinas, but she felt “a bit out of the loop”

Jorge Salinas is in the middle of the controversy for a alleged infidelity to his wife, the actress and presenter Elizabeth Álvarezwhich would have been exposed with a series of photographs published by TVNotas magazine in which the moment is appreciated the actor kisses whom until then was identified as her nutritionist.

Although the doctor Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo She was the first to come out to defend herself against the accusations, assuring that the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘My heart is yours’, ‘Fire in the blood’ and soon ‘Forgive our sins’ I was just another patientwhom he helped with weight loss and glucose problems, ended up confessing during a recent interview that they did kiss.

The revelation was exposed by the journalist Luis Magana through her YouTube program ‘Magañísimo’, where the doctor recalled what happened on the afternoon of December 15 when she met the television heartthrob outside door 2 of Televisa, where he unexpectedly kissed her, a situation which, although she says it made her feel uncomfortable, she did not avoid it because she found it funny.

“And I do remember that he got a little closer to me and for me it was, let’s say, kind of funny and yeah, i did get kissed and felt a little freaked out, but I feel that it was normal to a certain extent for him because he told me ‘there are paparazzi here,’” he commented.

He explained that it was not the first time that he received a hint from Jorge Salinas, since she had even previously told him that she was in a relationship, which apparently would have bothered him.

Sometimes there was some kind of flirtation, but I always kept to one line, let’s say, as professional as possible. And when I had a partner, I told him that he had a partner and at a certain point he was annoyed by that comment, but I stuck to my values ​​and my professionalism.

Prior to said public appearance, the same doctor offered other statements to various media, one of them the program ‘Despierta América’, where He completely denied that there was a personal approach with Jorge Salinasas he argued that in addition to medical consultations, he visited him at the locations to deliver medicine and receive the corresponding payments.

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