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Numerology for September 2022: what the 9th month of the year holds for you

Numerology can help us know what awaits us in September 2022, if we know our personal number of the month. Deciphering it is very simple and it serves to know the energy that will accompany us in the coming weeks.

September 2022 is a universal month 6 because when adding the number of the month (9) with the current year (2+0+2+2) and its reduction to a single figure, we get 6 as a result, whose energy is associated with love, generosity and acts of service.

To calculate our personal month number we must add our personal year number to the current month number.

The personal year is deciphered by adding the day and month of birth, reducing it to a single number and adding 6 to the result. (because 2+0+2+2=6). For example, a person who was born on February 19 has to add 1+9+0+2=12, then 1+2=3, then add 3+6=9. This result is his personal year number. If you have obtained a two-digit number, you have to reduce it to one.

Now, we just have to add the number of the personal year to the number of the month. Continuing with the example, we must use 9 because September is the ninth month, plus another 9 that was the result of the previous operation, that is, 9+9=18, 1+8=9.

Once you know what your month number is, you’re ready to know your September 2022 numerology forecast. According to Numerology.com, here’s what to expect:

Personal number of month 1

It means it’s time to start over. September represents the beginning of a cycle and since 1 is associated with impulsiveness you will use a more courageous approach, however, you must use it wisely. It is also the number of leadership so you could be called to lead a project.

Personal number of month 2

September gives you the opportunity to reconcile with close friends. The energy of the 2 inspires you to put people’s needs above your own, however the issue will be striking a balance. On the other hand, this month you will also be able to form new ties or reactivate old ones.

Personal number of month 3

It means a month in which you can reinvent yourself. The 3 brings a fresh and different perspective to normal attitudes, so September is ideal to do things differently, in addition, you will be able to find creative solutions to any problem you face.

Personal number of month 4

It’s time to learn new skills and strengthen current ones. In a 4 month growth is based on needs, which means you will develop as you face your challenges. It is the best time to solve any problem that has bothered you in the past.

Personal number of month 5

During the next few weeks you should expect big changes, you will have to stay flexible and allow opportunities to come. It is likely that you will face the dilemma of not knowing which direction to take, as the energy of the 5 will drive you to try to do everything, however, you have to use your intuition to choose the path that most appeals to you.

Personal number of month 6

Your responsibilities are likely to change. The 6 calls you to review your situation at home and make the necessary corrections, from rearranging the furniture to emotional issues. This number brings compassion and care so it will be time to start sincere conversations.

Personal number of month 7

The 7 asks you to slow down and rest. Its energy is introspective so it is a period of tranquility for you in which you can evaluate your inner situation. This number reminds you that inactivity is not a waste of time, it allows you to regenerate your mind.

Personal number of month 8

In numerology 8 is a cycle of rewards which means that if you work hard at something, it is almost certain that you will get it, depending on the effort you put into it. September’s focus for you is your ability to achieve; It’s time to prove your worth and prove yourself, you just have to keep a positive attitude.

Personal number of month 9

The energy of 9 is used to tie the dots and finish projects that you have started at work, home, partner, etc. Also, it is the time to release things, situations and people that do not align with your needs or goals. Keep in mind that these sacrifices are for your own good.

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