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Numerology 2023: decipher your personal number of the year and know how it impacts your destiny

The numerology of the year allows us to know how the energy of numbers impacts our general and particular environment. 2023 is a year 7 because adding all the digits that make it up results in that cabalistic number that represents higher vibration and spiritual wisdom.

It is because of its meaning that experts in numerology consider that 2023 will be a year to open our minds and solve humanity’s great questionsand on a personal level, stay true to who we are and be brave to avoid letting ourselves be guided by the opinions of third parties.

In short, it will be a year to learn, manifest our true selves, shine for who we are and stay authentic. So the universe will open the doors of opportunities for us. Although we all work collectively with this energy, the vibration of 2023 impacts our own destiny and to know it we need to decipher our personal number.

How to decipher your personal number of 2023?

To your birthday add the number 7, add them and reduce the result until you have a number from 1 to 9. For example, for those born on February 19, do:

2+19+7 (month of birth, day and the 7th) = 28

Now we have to reduce the result to a single digit, we may have to do it one more time, as in this case.

8+2=10 then 1+0=1

1 is the personal number of the year for our example.

What does your personal number of 2023 mean?

personal year 1

2023 means a new beginning for those who have 1 as their personal year number. “You will be asked to start anew this year in some way, whether it be with a new attitude, moving to a new location, expanding your family, or perhaps starting a new job or relationship,” commented the Forever Conscious numerology forecast published on its website. online site.

personal year 2

For those who have 2 as their personal year, it means a period to build and continue working so that their efforts flourish. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You will need support this year to achieve your goals and go the extra mile,” he recommended.

personal year 3

The energy of the 3 will motivate you to express your inner wisdom and share your way of thinking to the world, so it is possible that your social life will undergo a change. The numerology horoscope suggests that volunteer groups you can be a part of. “Feeling part of a greater whole can give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment,” she commented.

personal year 4

It will be a year that will go very well if you are disciplined and organized. Staying on the ground and putting order in your life are the opportunities this year offers, so numerology asks you to be “solid, practical, balanced and grounded”.

personal year 5

It’s a chance to plant some seeds and really go after what you want. “Make sure that what you want and what you pursue is aligned with your true self and your higher calling” recommended the Forever Conscious experts.

personal year 6

2023 will offer you the opportunity to clean or heal any emotional wound from the past, that is, it is a year of liberation. “It will be important that you pay attention to your general health and any annoying symptoms that your body may be sending in your direction” warned the numerology horoscope.

personal year 7

Your personal number is aligned with the universal number of the year, so it is expected to be a period of great growth for you. The people who are in your life and will come across it will leave you a lesson. “He may find himself teaming up with someone who will help further his career or commit more deeply to someone he loves,” he predicted.

personal year 8

For your personal number it means that it is a year of transformation, an awakening that will make you see things that fall apart, but others are born. “While transformation can be painful, it brings great rewards that always seem worth it,” said Forever Conscious.

personal year 9

It represents a year of completion, closing cycles and preparing to receive the new, but first you must live the journey to the goal. “The last nine years of her life have been challenging, but now things are going to calm down and she will feel stronger as she goes through this last chapter,” she predicted.

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