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Now you can save songs from YouTube Shorts • ENTER.CO

One of the advantages that TikTok has is that, when one of the videos you watch has a song that you want to save in your playlists, the application shows you the name of the song used. In this way, you can search for it in your trusted player and save it. Something that Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, which have a similar video model, don’t have…until now.

YouTube developers came up with the great idea of ​​integrating their ‘Shorts’ with the company’s ‘YouTube Music’ platform. This means that users will be able to add songs directly from Shorts to playlists within YouTube Music. This creates an advantage over its competitors, because, unlike TikTok, you will not have to move between applications to save a song or melody.

As reported by 9to5Google, in the lower right part of the video (short) you will find a rounded square where you can see the album cover that contains the song you are listening to. By entering there, you are redirected to another page where you will see details such as the name of the song, the artist, the duration, even other videos that have used that song, just like on TikTok. At the top you will see, below the album cover, a button called ‘save’ or ‘save’. Once you save the first song, you will see that a new playlist called ‘Sound From Shorts’ has been created within the YouTube Music app.

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After this, every time you save a song, you will see it in that list, ‘Sound From Shorts’. Likewise, you can find the saved songs in the ‘Saved’ tab so that if you want to create a ‘Short’ you can also use that song or melody. Keep in mind that since this is a new playlist, you will always be able to access it from the ‘Library’ tab in the YouTube Music app.

The new feature is already available to some users, but if you still can’t see it, don’t worry, it’s still rolling out so it might take a few days to reach your device.

Image: YouTube

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