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now you can publish your own manga • ENTER.CO

Manga Plus, Shueisha’s manga reading application, is today one of the most popular alternatives to keep up with the magazine’s series legally and for free. But maybe what you want is not only to read the great stories… but also to write and publish your own. Shueisha this week introduced MANGA Plus Creators, a manga app with titles that are submitted by users.

Manga Plus Creators was released as an app (which is currently only available in certain regions) and a website (which is available in our language). For us on this side of the ‘pond’ there is better news and that is that the works presented do not have to be in English, but rather the page and the works are compatible with Spanish. In order to upload your work you just have to create an account on the site and upload your content.

The page seems to fulfill the objective of offering a space for authors to present their works, regardless of whether they are ‘professionals’ or not (the only guideline in this regard is that the works have to ‘look like’ manga). The service even allows people to create ‘series’ so you can post different chapters.

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The service will even hold different contests among its authors on a monthly basis, which will be judged by members of Shonen Jump+’s editorial department. The winning titles will be able to be published in the Manga Plus application (alongside manga such as One Piece, Chainsaw Man or Boku Hero no Academia), the opportunity to be translated into Japanese to be published and even win money with prize pools of up to 1 million yen (about $31 million pesos).

The most recent move appears to be part of Shueisha’s strategy to appeal more to its audiences in the West, this time from the creators’ side. The platform also seems to be looking at opportunities to implement a paid service for reading manga, similar to how Crunchyroll has positioned itself.

Images: Shueisha

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