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Now you can edit your trills… if you pay • ENTER.CO

One of the most anticipated features of the Twitter social network will now be available. For a few days it has been possible to test trill editing with the “Edit” function that will appear on the platform.

But, not everything is so good. It turns out that to have access to this “Edit” button there is a condition that Twitter has set. It will only be available to users of Twitter Blue, the paid platform of the social network. So, if you want to be able to Edit your tweets, you will have to get one of the packages that the social network has.

For now it is only a test that is being implemented by the company. This announcement was made last year and will only be available until now. Only a small group of users have access to this feature, as a trial before its general release.

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Editing is one of the most anticipated functions by users of the little bird’s social network. Before it was not possible to edit the trills and therefore the only alternative was to download the publications and publish again. This function will allow you to make as many edits as you want within 30 minutes of publication. And the edited trills will appear with an icon, timestamp and label. The latter will serve so that users can see the history of trill editions.

The purpose of the company is that with this function it is much easier to trill and use the platform. Thus, users will be offered greater control and different options over the content they publish. This will facilitate the conversations that take place on this platform on a daily basis. Undoubtedly an improvement that users were waiting for and that Twitter will now make available to them, only if they pay.

Image: Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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