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Now you can choose your favorite language for WhatsApp

The language of the applications that you have installed on your phone always adjust to the language that you have already determined on the cell phone. In other words, if you left ‘Spanish’ as ​​the default language from your phone’s settings, all applications will adjust to this language…until now. Our friends at WABetainfo found that WhatsApp will allow you to choose the default language within the app.

Yes, this is new. WhatsApp, like the rest of the applications, adjusts to the language that you have as default on your cell phone, but with Beta and higher versions, you can choose the language you want. At the moment, the feature only seems to be available for Android devices, however, as is customary with the app, we can look forward to it soon on Apple devices (if it turns out to be a successful feature).

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The best thing about the new feature is that you won’t need Android 13 to enjoy it, since the novelty works independently of the languages ​​of the latest version of the operating system. The truth is that the option is quite useful in specific cases such as when you buy an imported device and it does not have all the languages ​​in its menu. In exchange, if that language is included in the WhatsApp translations, you can adjust it. Likewise, it will be useful in the event that, due to work issues, you use the mobile in a specific language, but for your personal apps you prefer another language.

Lastly, the new feature will have an exclusive section within the settings menu; you will recognize it by its name: ‘Application Language’. By touching it, you can choose the language of your choice and the application will automatically adopt it. Of course, you should keep in mind that, if you change the settings to a language that is not well known, it may be difficult for you to find the menu again to set a language that you do understand. The exact date on which the function reaches the official version of WhatsApp is still unknown; As soon as it happens, we will inform you at ENTER.CO. If you want to test the feature, you can download the beta version.

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