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now you can also connect your tablet • ENTER.CO

From now on you can also use the multi-device WhatsApp function to connect with your Android tablets.

The most recent Beta update of the messaging app made a hole for the synchronization with tablets. This was one of the most neglected devices during the last decade of updates. The goal is to allow users of these devices to link their existing WhatsApp account. From now on, the tablet will be one of the four devices that you can link to your WhatsApp account. You can even do it even if your WhatsApp account is on an iPhone device.

To link the tablet you will have to go to the ‘Link a device’ option and from there scan the QR code that will appear on the screen. This way you can start the synchronization of the messages on both computers. Once you have completed the synchronization of both devices, you can use it simultaneously on both without the need for the main one to be active.

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For some time now, the multi-device WhatsApp function has been active for this platform. With this, it was avoided to have the cell phone turned on and connected so that it would work on other devices. Even now it is possible to use the same WhatsApp account on two cell phones independently. From now on you can do the same with Android tablets, where you will get all your chats on both devices, after waiting a few minutes for them all to download.

One feature you won’t like much about this new tablet sync is that the tablet app platform isn’t optimized for this larger screen. This means that it is not displayed properly, but as if you did it on the cell phone, but with more space between the elements. We imagine that this is a matter of time. WhatsApp will surely be working on optimizing its interface for tablets in order to offer a better experience to users.

Image: Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

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