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Now, Microsoft’s emoji library will be open source • ENTER.CO

Companies are increasingly betting on opening technological frontiers so that people from all over the world can experiment with the best tools used in the technology sector. On this occasion, Microsoft announced that its library of emojis will become open source for use by developers and creators who will be able to enjoy the tool from this Wednesday.

The company claims that they will create at least 1,500 emojis in the library for public use. Within the emojis, culture, sexual orientation, politics and food will be considered. But if you wonder, will I be able to create my own emoticons? The answer is yes. Microsoft explained that you can make your own creations with the open source code. What’s most important about it is that users will be able to go beyond Unicode’s standard yellow skin tone; in exchange, they will be able to rely on the Fitzpatrick Scale for more skin tones.

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So, if you want to make use of the Microsoft emoji library, you can enter through Figma and Github, once you have created the emoticon you want you can save it on your computer. Supported files will be SVG, PNG AND JPG to “allow for true versatility.” However, Microsoft recommends developers and creators make a “flat, monochrome, vector version” of each creation.

Recently, Microsoft redesigned its emoji library with 3D emojis in addition to 2D ones, thus completing more than 1800 emojis in its library. However, several of them will not be available in the open source tool due to legal reasons. For example, the iconic Clippy paper clip cannot be used because it is a registered trademark; Likewise, there are other proprietary emoticons that will not be free to use. The company hopes that its next emojis can be included in the open source library.


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