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Nothing Phone, the ‘transparent’ smartphone, lets us see its design • ENTER.CO

There is something very attractive about being able to see the components of a team. As a lover of PC Rigs, I understand very well the aesthetic value that a transparent cover gives to a device. Perhaps this is why I understand why the Nothing Phone (1) is causing waves among cell phone lovers.

After months of previews, Nothing (the new brand of Carl Pei, one of the founders of One Plus) has presented the first official image of its Nothing Phone (1). The brand has taken what they liked most about their Nothing Ears, the transparent design, and brought it to their first cellular device and the result is… pretty easy on the eyes.

Well, to be fair it’s not like we can see all the components. Instead we do have a transparent lid but the pieces are hidden behind texture panels. Although some may complain, the truth is that we can imagine that the internal components of a cell phone are much less attractive in action than those of a PC. The division of the panels, the texture and the reliefs on the other hand give the equipment the appearance of a spatial piece. Not for nothing many have associated its design with that of the famous Storm Tropers from Star Wars.

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Of course, in addition to the design this equipment must be tested in other areas. One of the ones we would most like to see is your camera. The Nothing (1) comes equipped with two lenses that, unfortunately, we know nothing about. Many will also notice the central module that has the logo of a bomb (and that absolutely does not remind us of a certain bitten apple). This circle also appears to be a wireless charging coil that also appears to light up.

The NothIng Phone (1) will have an estimated starting price of $500 dollars (approximately 1.9 million pesos) and will be launched on July 12. With any luck, the announcement will bring us additional reasons to fall in love with this new ‘no-holds-barred’ cell phone proposal.

Images: nothing

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