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Not everything is wealth, Luisito Comunica shows how to live in the poorest neighborhoods of Qatar

The Mexican influencer Luisito Communicates took advantage of the World Cup in Qatar to visit the Arab country and show what life is like there, because, contrary to what we all believed, not everything is luxury and wealth.

Through material lasting more than 15 minutes, the renowned YouTuber took us to see the other side of the Arab nation, that is, the poor and marginalized areas.

The Qataris do not live in these regions, but the migrants, who, for the most part, live in what are known as work camps, whose rooms have the capacity to house up to 10 people in inhumane conditions.

The dormitories, which do not have a private bathroom, are provided by the companies to their workers and have a total of between four and five bunk beds.

In the common areas there is a kitchen, a small store, a prayer area, a patio and a collective bathroom, where the workers shower with the help of buckets.

“I am seeing several cockroaches here. It is a condition of life, son, many things are missing. Here we can analyze very thoroughly the contrast between the Qatar we have seen and the real Qatar. The largest percentage of people live like this, this is the life of the workers who have been brought in to make all the work possible, all the construction, all the customer service. It is behind the scenes of what we are seeing in Qatar”, the influencer narrated in amazement.

The influencer also came across a lot of dirt, with dead rats, but what stood out the most is the kindness of the inhabitants of the places, who, despite living with deprivations, are very kind and seek to be cordial with visitors.

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