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Nostalgia? Netflix will make a new version of Teletubbies • ENTER.CO

Looking for what to watch your children? The Teletubbies are back with a new Netflix series.

The meme of many. The babysitter of the majority. The nightmare of a few. Netflix has decided that its streaming platform is the perfect place to be the home of a new Teletubbies series.

The announcement is part of the streaming service’s new strategy to attract parents and children to the streaming service. The series will bring back the four protagonists (aliens? robots? or whatever they are) Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. A new addition in the English version will be Tituss Burgess, whom some may recognize from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series in which he plays a character with the same name.

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Like the 1997 show, the Teletubbies remake will be aimed at creating content for preschoolers using real-life clips that they can tune into on their screens. Netflix hasn’t expanded much on its plans for how far they hope to tweak the show’s original idea. The original series could certainly seem strange to adults: the sun-faced baby, the strange objects and artifacts, the trumpets coming out of the ground. However, all of these elements were integrated to attract the attention of younger children.

The reboot of the show also arrives much faster than expected. The series is scheduled to premiere on November 14, along with two other series also aimed at children.

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