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Nortada beer with new image

Nortada presents itself in 2023 with a fresh face and wants to assert itself as an alternative to the industrial beers on the market.

Nortada presented a new image, in an event that was attended by its shareholders, business stakeholders and other partners and friends of the brand. The new identity was developed by the creative agency The Hotel, coordinated in-house by Rui Pedro Pimenta and Nicole Santos, the brewery’s marketing duo.

The ceremony was presented by Pedro Mota, CEO of Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense, and included an exchange of ideas with Tiago Viegas, partner of The Hotel and creative manager (on the agency’s side) for the rebranding, and a session of harmonization and tastings, conducted by Nortada sommeliers and open to all present.

The new brand, which is now presented as the “Beer that tastes like Beer”, celebrates, on the one hand, the brewing heritage and culture of its region of origin, while at the same time working on a more mature and qualitative image, typical of a quality and craft beer, which wants to assert itself, more and more, as the alternative to industrial beers in the Portuguese market.

In addition to the logo, the brand also changes its labels, point of sale material and even packaging, making it a more coherent and consistent brand in all channels where it is present.

With this rebranding, Nortada intends to align the maturity of the offer, already well known and recognized by the market, with the maturity of the brand, which also translates into a repositioning and realignment of the work of these 6 years in the market.

The brewing culture and the work done to develop the craft market through information presented in a light and “fun” way continues to be fundamental.

Vanguard of the craft movement

Pedro Mota, CEO of Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense, explains that “we feel a clear evolution in the beer sector thanks to the various movements in it, such as the appearance and disappearance of craft beer brands, the entry of new international players and even the reinforcement of those who were already here. , all positive signs of strong dynamics”.

“It is in this sense that this rebranding arises, with the aim of providing the brand with more tools that support our mission for the coming years. This is a first step on a journey that will confirm us as vanguardists of the craft movement and of new companies that intend to break paradigms and democratize the brewing sector in Portugal”, said the company’s CEO.

Nortada Beer is now, with the launch of a new Belgian Pale Ale, producing eight styles of beer in its classic range, in barrels and in bottles, which are sold in more than 250 points of sale in the HoReCa channel (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés) and in the largest hypermarket groups.

The brand also bets on a dynamic of more frequent launches with the regular creation of limited edition beers and brewing novelties.

All Cerveja Nortada is produced in the heart of the historic center of the city of Porto, in a space that provides different experiences – from the possibility of tasting the various types of beer in an environment where it is produced, to observing the processes that lead to beer since the factory to the glass — Nortada Brew pub, on Rua Sá da Bandeira.

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