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Noelia finally returns to OnlyFans with tremendous lingerie and hot VIDEO Sexier, impossible!

Singer Noelia captured the attention in social networks during the last hours because he announced in style his return to the sale of exclusive content through onlyfans.

For this reason, he made a burning invitation addressed to his fans to subscribe to his profile on the aforementioned platform, in addition, He gave a small taste of what they can find, which is why he left his fans breathless by splurging beauty with a flirty set of lingerie.

It was through her official Instagram profile that Noelia posted a short video in which she announced her return to OnlyFans. Platform that had left a few months ago to move to other platforms.

However, with the arrival of 2023, the singer decided to resume her activity on the page that emerged in London, England.

In Noelia’s hot video, the businesswoman, actress and singer recorded herself from what appears to be her luxurious room and Without further ado, he invited the more than 3 million followers he has on Instagram to subscribe to his OnlyFans profile.where she exudes beauty and sensuality without any type of restriction.

Hello, have you signed up yet? If you want to see all of me, I’ll wait for you on my OnlyFans account, I’ll wait for you there” were the words that Noelia said for the camera.

As for the daring outfit that the interpreter of hits like “Tú” and “Candela” was using It was a risky set of black lingerie, in addition, what drove her fans the most was that she was also wearing fishnet stockings.

As well as high boots that reached above the knee and that added an extra touch of sensuality to her image.

For this video, Noelia disabled the option to see how many likes and views her post generated, however, His recording caused a great furor among his fans, in addition, the video was replicated on other platforms by pages managed by his fans. where the compliments for the Puerto Rican did not wait.

It is worth mentioning that the monthly subscription to Noelia’s OnlyFans profile has a cost of 30 dollars, however, if you want to save some tickets, the singer and businesswoman also has some offers available in her quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions.

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