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Practically since the day we met the iPhone 13 series, speculation and expectations regarding the 14 series of Apple phones have been present. Since then there have been several rumors of what we will see in the next release of the bitten apple; one of them revealed to us that there will be four models that will be maintained for the company’s new family of phones.

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are the four phones we expect to see on September 7. Now, a new member has appeared: the iPhone 14 mini. The rumor comes from the famous leaker Evan Blass, known for the high volume of hits in his leaks. Through 91mobiles, Blass confirmed that a source close to the brand confirmed the arrival of the mini version of the iPhone 14.

And it is that all users were getting used to the idea that Apple would discontinue mini phones from this year, so this news is a real surprise. But, the rumor of the iPhone mini does not imply that there are 5 phones that Apple has prepared. According to Blass, the company will maintain 4 models; Said like this, the iPhone mini would come to unseat the 14 Max.

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The truth is that the rumor causes uncertainty, since the company was expected to eliminate the mini models after the iPhone 12 mini of 2020 was a total failure, along with the iPhone 13 mini of 2021. In replacement of this, it was expected that the company will launch the ‘Max’ model. Now, the leaker claims that one of the company’s largest distributors in the Asia-Pacific region is preparing to stock new models of the phone.

However, it should be noted that while Blass appears to be well informed and there are few flaws in his rumours, this report remains just that, a rumour. And it is that, until now there has been no other report that confirms the theory raised by Blass. Said like this, we can only wait for Apple to launch the new iPhone line to confirm the new models.

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