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no more shared accounts in Portugal

Goodbye shared accounts. The changes are already in effect: anyone who wants to share accounts will have to pay extra.

It was really good while it lasted, but it’s time for the final point: The era of shared Netflix accounts is over.

the giant of streaming already announced weeks ago that there would be changes and now it really becomes official.

Anyone who wants to share their account outside the residence will have to pay a fee for each person added.

Understand what changes, what happens when you’re on the go and how the sharing between several people will be controlled.

Share Netflix accounts now pay only

“The moment has come”, is what can be read in the note released by Netflix. The moment in question is the application of new account sharing rules, which are already in force.

To justify the decision, the company details that the more than 100 million households that share accounts are impacting the ability to invest “in quality series and films”.

The new, tighter rules were tested for months in Latin American countries and are now being implemented in Portugal.

But our country is not unique. In the list of countries affected by the decision are still Spain, New Zealand and Canada.

Each paid subscription can now be used in a single residence, but there are exceptions.

Access Netflix on the go

If members of the account holder household are traveling, they can still access their Netflix profiles from their personal devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones) or from a hotel/vacation home TV. But if you want to access from a new device, you’ll have to deal with the tight mesh created for controlling shares.

Thus, the owner of the account will have to check his email to confirm that he wants to access the service from an unknown device, then requesting a code consisting of four digits.

Within 15 minutes this code must be entered so that the new device can access the streaming.

How sharing control works

Basically, Netflix will control sharing based on the internet network that is used to access the account.

That is, the various devices associated with this network will be interconnected in a kind of ecosystem – with data exchange between the home Wi-Fi network and the devices that regularly access Netflix from it.

Outside the home, access becomes tighter.

sharing fee

To make it possible for the account to continue to be shared outside the residence, there is the possibility of subscribing to the service, but there are costs and limitations.

You can share your account with up to two profiles and you will have to pay 3.99 euros for each.

If you have an account and sharing, but don’t want to pay for it, from now on you’ll have to let anyone who doesn’t live in the subscription household know that they can stay on Netflix without losing data, such as My List and viewing history.

These profiles can be transferred if those who have to leave their account want to create your own registry (through the “Transfer Profiles” option, which is already available on the platform).

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