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Niurka shows off her curves with a minibikini dancing a classic by Celia Curz while out on a yacht

Niurka Marcos He started the year with a tremendous scandal due to the confrontation he had with the graphologist Maryfer Centeno, but just a few days before he had a great time in the company of his children during a yacht ride, where he also she shone dancing a classic by Celia Cruz in a tiny bikini.

The controversial Cuban star lit up social networks with a series of images that she shared during her last vacation, as she enjoyed a few days off with her three children, Kiko, Romina and Emilio, who traveled to Mérida, Yucatán, to spend the holidays December.

And it was precisely during a yacht ride, where the former inhabitant of “La Casa de los Famosos” paralyzed the hearts of her Instagram fans, because it was in her image gallery where some videos and photographs appeared that confirmed why she is one of The famous ones who enjoy a spectacular body.

For her first publication, Niurka recorded herself wearing a blue string mini-bikini that revealed her pronounced curves, to later expose a series of snapshots in which she reappeared in the same swimsuit, but now from a vehicle, where she was seen he saw smiling and enjoying the moment.

Shortly after, she resumed the same social profile to publicize a short video in which she once again showed off her beauty and sensuality by dancing the classic from Celia Cruz “Quimbara”, with which he showed that rhythm is in his blood.

I bring timba in my soul“She wrote as a description of the video that has been reproduced more than 500,000 times and that has left her a shower of comments in which her fans confirm that her personality is unique and of course they also praised her curves.

“This woman’s great body”, “You are a fire”, “That woman has dance in her bones, she moves very well”, “What a spectacular mom Niu”, “Niurka has a 15-year-old body”, “There is no doubt that you are a queen”, “Perfect, beautiful and a complete goddess”, “Cuerpazoooo and Cuban rhythm”, wrote only a few followers of the 55-year-old actress.

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