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Niurka remembers when her first husband threatened to kill her: “He pulled the gun and put it on me”

Niurka Marcos has been characterized by his unwavering, direct personality and that he is not afraid to say what he thinks, but this same attitude made him go through one of the most difficult moments with the father of his first child, who He threatened her with a gun when she confronted him to complain about his lack of attention.

It was in the Yordi Rosado program where the Cuban star shared how the relationship was with the parents of her three children, Kiko, Romina and Emilio Osoriobeing the first of them one of the most difficult due to his inexperience.

And it is that, as she recalled, she married Federico in Cuba and later they came to Mexico to live because he worked at the Attorney General’s Office, a dependency of the Mexican Government, but nothing happened that he had promised her, because since At first they came to live in apartments completely alone and “with a mattress on the floor, a small refrigerator and a microwave oven,” but while he “missed three or four days” she had to stay alone and pregnant.

“He was a PGR police officer, but he was one of those who intercepted telephones and was in an apartment with the devices,” he said.

He narrates that he also came to live in luxurious houses that were confiscated from drug traffickers or politicians that were only lent to settle for a while. But, although at first he was doing “innocently well”, over time he began to realize that things were wrong.

“Afterwards I I began to open my eyes and I began to realize that it was not what he said Because women, no matter how young we are, always have that sixth sense. She came home with bad, stained clothes, like a man comes after being with other women and partying, I started to complain, ”explained the dancer.

The worst happened when she decided to go and complain to one of the departments where she worked, tapping phones, taking advantage of the fact that her mother came to visit them and she could stay taking care of the baby.

“I grabbed my truck and went to claim him, that’s when he pulled the gun and put it here for me (in the head) and I peed myself. He told me that I already had him until m #% $, that I should go home if I didn’t want him to shoot me. I urinated, yes, literally. He opened the apartment door and threw me out“.

He remembered that still nervous, he drove home, told his mother what had happened and she confronted him to tell him to put the gun on her too.

Niurka revealed that Federico was fired from the PGR for doing that kind of thing, since “because of his attitudes, he was very arrogant at that time, he was young and immature, very arrogant.”

But that was not the only time that she was physically violated, because some time later Federico hit her so that his son would stop crying.

“On another occasion when the baby was small, I was in the truck with him, and the baby was crying and he punched to shut her up.“But she didn’t stand by and hit him too. She immediately got her out of the truck “by the hairs”.

And it was with his mother that he planned the way to escape, which he assures was very easy because “he had no love or attention, but he had dollars so there was no problem for money.”

Niurka revealed that she had to return some time later because she wanted to save her marriage, but the relationship was very stormy and although they currently maintain good communication, she makes it clear that the relationship is only between father and son.

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