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Niurka overlooks her son, Emilio Osorio, in the worst way, and they attack her online | VIDEO

again, Niurka Marcos became the topic of conversation on social networks because he shared a video in which he exhibited his son Emilio Osoriomaking a painful revelation.

Which generated all kinds of opinions on social networks, so below we tell you everything we know about it.

All this commotion that caused Niurka was thanks to a short video that she shared through her Instagram stories in which she appeared living together with her loved ones in the middle of Christmas.

So he took advantage of having the whole family together to joke a little and for that He used his son Emilio as a “guinea pig”, whom he exhibited, revealing that he stopped bathing with the vedette until he was nine years old and immediately came a comment that made the also son of Juan Osorio blush.

“Baby, when you were little you took a bath with me, until you were nine years old you took a bath with me, what happened after you didn’t want to? I have wanted him to bathe with me ever since to see how much his p.. has grown… but he doesn’t want to”


Those were the words that Niurka said while her son only raised his hands to his face, evidencing the pain that his mother put him through.

After Niurka’s comment, Emilio Osorio had to intervene to ask his mother to stop and tried to divert attention wishing his followers happy holidays, however, this only caused laughter from the other people who were present.

Mom please! It’s Christmas, Happy New Year guys, blessings”was the response of Emilio Osorio while Niurka burst out laughing for having exposed his son on social networks.

Despite the fact that Niurka’s video was broadcast through her Instagram stories, her recording It did not take long for it to reach other platforms where all kinds of reactions were generated, while some took the matter with humor.

Others launched themselves against the Cuban vedette who was awarded qualifications such as “ordinary” and “vulgar”, however, the model also did not respond to any of these comments.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Niurka shows how “heavy” she can be with her children, however, The ex-participant of “La Casa de los Famosos” has shown that she maintains an excellent relationship with all her heirs.

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