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Niurka has a reply: The assaulted graphologist, Maryfer Centeno, responds to her attacks

The famous Mexican graphologist, Maryfer Centeno and the Cuban star and former partner of the producer, Juan Osorio, Niurka Marcos became a trend, after they staged a strong fight during a live program, stealing all the spotlight in the entertainment industry.

Given the intense controversy that they had in the transmission, a few moments ago the also collaborator of the “Hoy program” shared a message on Twitter in which he explained what really happened during his discussion with Niurkaconsidered by many as the “scandal woman”.

In her personal profile on Twitter, Maryfer Centeno explained that she does not agree with the attitude that Niurka took in the recent broadcast of the “La Saga” program. In addition, she explained that she did everything possible so that the situation did not get out of control.

“I don’t agree with Niurka’s attitude. Yesterday I did what was in my power to control her anger, but it was impossible, she even confirmed that I was right in my work, it seems that everything calmed down. I am the first to regret the situation.”

Besides, The users assured that it was an error of those in charge of the program in joining Maryfer Centeno with Niurka Marcosbut the graphologist said that the Cuban was the one who asked to be a guest on the program, so the attack was a surprise.

“It was Niurka herself who asked to go to the program in a very kind way, so the attack was unexpected”

The video that shows the intense discussion that Maryfer Centeno had with Niurka during one of the sections of the program “La Saga” circulates on social networks.

Apparently it all started after the Cuban questioned the work that the graphologist does when analyzing various celebrities from the show.

Without keeping anything, The Cuban-born vedette told Maryfer Centeno that she lacked a lot of experience, in addition, she used various profanities to detract from her work. Despite the constant attacks, the graphologist maintained her position and limited herself to defending her analysis, that was the fight between the two.

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