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Niurka does not remain silent and responds to Frida Sofía, after she called her “naqui”

Niurka responds to Frida Sofía.

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Niurka Marcos He showed once again that he is not afraid to say what he thinks, so with his characteristic style he replied to Frida Sofiawho a few days ago called her “naqui” and assured that she was disgusted.

The scandal that arose a few days ago during the “La Saga” program between Niurka and Maryfer Centeno It continues to give people something to talk about, because a short time later Frida Sofía came out in defense of the graphologist calling the Cuban star “naqui (naca), wannabe, bruji”, in addition to assuring that she is afraid of having her face to face because she spits instead of screaming and it “disgusts” him.

After the strong statements of the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, Niurka did not remain silent and responded with her characteristic style during a recent press conference in Mexico City, where she assured that she had already considered the topic over since the rocker, to who loves and admires, decided to put an end to the problems with her daughter, because it was her way of supporting her as a mother.

However, he once again disqualified the influencer’s comments, assuring that “whatever a person can say dysfunctional person that he hasn’t done anything important in his life” doesn’t have to matter to him.

“What can you say little girl est#$&/? Nothing you say, little unfortunate fool, can surpass everything that they have already told me”.

Niurka Marcos

Before concluding, he assured that he would no longer respond to Frida Sofía’s statements, since the comments she generally makes are directed at “true monsters”.

You stay little mamacita!, my wars are with true monsters. You are nothing more than the pe% & of a dog with a lazy stomach, that is, one of my pitbulls, ”she sentenced.

It should be noted that the little hair between Niurka and Frida Sofía is not new, since there have been several occasions in which everything has been said before the media and social networks, an example of this was the time that the controversial ex-inhabitant of ‘ The House of Famous’ confessed that it agreed that Alejandra Guzmán should disinherit her daughter, since she has discredited both her and the last name.

“She can do whatever she wants with her money. Apart from the fact that the lady is already an adult and can now work and resolve her life“Said the vedette in May 2022 during an interview with the program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

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