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Niurka confesses that her daughter Romina scolded her for criticizing Paty Navidad’s body: “She is a feminist”

Romina Marcos asked Niurka not to criticize Paty Navidad’s body.

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Niurka Marcos He does not regret having criticized the body of Patty Christmasalthough he confessed that recently his daughter Romina scolded her for openly expressing that she doesn’t like how the actress looks now that it is part of the inhabitants of ‘The House of the Famous 3‘.

It was during a recent interview that he conducted Jordi Rosado in her YouTube program, where the Cuban star spoke about the controversy that she starred in a few days ago when she assured that Paty Navidad has gained too much weightshe even looks neglected in the Telemundo reality show.

It all started when she was asked if she has ever regretted a comment or action she has taken; In this regard, she admitted that there are times when it has happened, but she does not regret anything, despite the fact that her children are ashamed of her actions, as happened with Romina a few days ago.

“Yes I have passed, but I can’t regret and I’ll tell you why: sometimes I feel like I’m going too far when I break the rules of my daughter who is a feminist and it hurts and I say: ‘I’m sorry’, because? because I am not. scolded me recently when I told Paty Navidad, I told her that they showed me the images of Paty Navidad in the House of Celebrities and I said: ‘What happened to her, why did she abandon herself like that so beautiful?’, you know? but I reacted how anyone would react, ”she explained.

And she revealed that, despite the fact that her daughter asked her not to talk about other people’s bodies, she cannot do it because they are very different.

“When I saw my daughter recently, she told me: ‘Well, I don’t think so, I think you can also stop,’ I told her: ‘Well, it doesn’t seem to me, it’s okay that you do stop, I don’t have to stop. That’s your proof that we’re not the sameShow it to the world,” he said.

She stressed that she would never disappoint her children, because they know who she is, even “in the most outdated, vulgar moments”, in which Kiko, Romina, and Emilio laugh, so the only thing that would hurt in life is see them disunited.

Likewise, she justified herself by reiterating that the Sinaloan artist had always taken care of her image and is very beautiful, so her reaction was “natural” as surely any person would.

“She who has cared for her image impeccably and meticulously all her life and who She has always been a very beautiful woman, you agree, right? I reacted naturally because I reacted with and without cameras, I don’t care that there is a camera, I say: ‘What happened to him?’, she added.

With the sincerity that characterizes her, Niurka responded to the people who were offended by her controversial comments, stating that at no time did she want to disrespect Paty Navidad.

“I’m not offending you, the truth does not have to offend. In other words, I am saying that she is a very beautiful woman, she has taken care of herself all her life because I know it, I worked with her, I admire and respect her. But right now I saw her in La Casa de los Famosos too careless, ”she pointed out.

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