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Ninel Conde shows off her rear in the gym, wearing a tight pink jumpsuit

Ninel Conde He has a spectacular figure, and he let it be seen in a video that he shared in his stories of instagram. Wearing a tight pink jumpsuit, the singer appears showing off her rear as she does a pull-up routine to tone her arms.

many years ago the killer bonbon acted in the hit soap opera “Rebel”and now she let it be seen that she is a big fan of the group RBD when posting a clip in which you receive souvenirs on the occasion of the next tour that Maite Perroni, anahí, Christopher Uckerman, Christian Chavez Y Sweet Maria will do this year She modeled a schoolgirl tie and wrote next to her post: “I cannot explain the emotion I felt when I saw this box full of our memories of that time that marked our lives. I love you to infinity and I feel so proud of you and of course I will be there to share with you once again.

Ninel was shown on board a yacht wearing a pink mini bikini and also carrying 200 pounds in the gym, accompanying everything with a positive message: “You set the limits! 200 Pounds…91 kilograms…almost twice my body weight…how did I do it? Based on constancy, discipline and a lot of self-love ❤️. Never allow your mind to set the limits…. Test how far you can go in every way if you put your mind to it 🥊🥰”.

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