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Ninel Conde sets the networks on fire with a sexy “Rebelde” outfit and remembering Alma Rey | VIDEO

The return of RBD to the stages has caused a collective madness to exist among the fans and the members of this famous project that started with the soap opera “Rebelde”. And proof of this would be Ninel Condewho was a key part of this success with his famous character “Alma Rey”.

For this reason, the RBDs decided to give him a gift and at the same time extend a precious invitation to “Bombón Asesino” to attend one of their concerts on their “Soy Rebelde Tour” with them.

The also actress joined the fever of this comeback, and showed off the special kit that the members of the famous Mexican band sent her, with which he was able to remember the “uniform” of the soap opera “Rebelde”, as well as his character Alma Rey.

The celebrity stole the attention of her fans who remember her for this melodrama with which her fame exploded and now she has thousands of followers on digital platforms, where she received hundreds of positive reactions and thousands of “likes.”

The actress participated in the 2004 youth soap opera in which she played Roberta’s mother, a character played by Dulce María.

For their comeback, the pop band sent their former soap opera companions a kit with a shirt, buttons, and other souvenirs.

However, what caught the eye was the red tie, which is part of the Elite Way School uniform. The actress was one of the lucky ones to whom she gave this gift, so she wore this garment that reminded her of Alma Reya singer who dressed in very daring pieces, just as she does now in her shows and networks.

“I cannot explain the emotion I felt when I saw this box full of our memories of that time that marked our lives #rbd_musica. I love you to infinity and I feel so proud of you and of course I will be there to share with you once again I am Rebelde Tour, RBD, Alma Rey”


The actress and singer was doing her exercise routine when she opened the box, so she was wearing a set of tight leggings and a sports top, which revealed her worked figure.

Ninel donned the red tie making this a daring “uniform” as she showed off her curves, earning hundreds of flattering comments from her fans, who are also very excited for RBD’s comeback.

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