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Ninel Conde receives strong criticism after posing with a puppy painted yellow as Pikachu

Ninel Conde He does not tire of attracting attention on social networks, but unlike the previous occasions in which he appeared with daring poses and tiny clothes, he recently gave something to talk about after sharing a photograph in which he exposed his love for pets. , one of them painted yellow as Pikachu, which caused it to be singled out for encouraging animal cruelty.

There is no doubt that the Mexican singer known as “el bombón asesino” is an expert when it comes to generating controversies, but not only in terms of her love life due to her failed relationships or the legal battle she had for several years with Giovanni Medina. , father of his son Emmanuel, with whom in recent days he finally managed to reach an agreement for the good of the little one, but has also managed to stand out for his beauty and perfect silhouette that constantly steals glances.

However, on this occasion, the sensual Mexican actress and singer was the target of strong criticism for allegedly having supported animal abuse, as she shared a series of photographs through the stories of her official Instagram account in which she appeared posing with her dog. from Pomeranian called “Bella”, whom he presented with another specimen of the same breed, but this last one painted yellow like Picachú, a Pokémon cartoon character, who is famous in Miami, Florida and responds to the name of Zaza.

Although the cute puppy does not belong to her and she only posed with him, the 46-year-old actress was also the target of criticism on social networks, where users pointed to her for allegedly promoting cruelty against animals, arguing that the painting used can cause serious damage to the skin of pets.

The controversy continued after he shared a video on the Instagram profile dedicated to his pet, where he assured that it was “love at first sight”, so Zaza would be Bella’s future “boyfriend”.

As expected, the annoyance of some fans was reflected again in the comments section, where they left some emojis with angry gestures.

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