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Ninel Conde falls in love with her fans by posing on her back with a pink minibikini while riding a yacht

Ninel Conde never tires of attracting attention on social networks, where once again he was showered with praise thanks to a series of photographs in which he showed off her statuesque silhouette in a tiny bikini while cruising aboard a yacht in Miami.

“El Bombón Asesino” has given people something to talk about not only because of her talent as an actress and singer, because throughout more than two decades of artistic career she has also added several scandals, among which are her failed romances, lawsuits with some colleagues of the medium and various legal battles, one of the most notorious being the one in which he starred with Giovanni Medina for the custody of his son Emmanuel.

Despite the difficult moments she had to face, the model has also managed to come out on top thanks to the tireless attitude that she always shows, in addition to the dazzling beauty that she maintains at 46 years of age and that currently steals glances on social networks.

And it is that, after debuting on the exclusive content platform, OnlyFans, the famous woman of Mexican origin decided to use her official Instagram profile to model with tiny lingerie, in addition to tiny bikinis that perfectly reveal the shapely silhouette that she has achieved with discipline and a completely healthy lifestyle.

It was precisely in this way that he recently unleashed the euphoria of his followers again, before whom he posed with a minimal pink bikini with which she showed off her curves while walking aboard a yacht through Miami, Florida, where he currently resides.

In the seductive images that were accompanied by a message addressed to women, she ended up receiving the approval of thousands of fans, who appreciated that Ninel Conde posed slightly with her back to the camera, lying on her back and showing every detail of her spectacular anatomy.

Luckily for nearly 5 and a half million followers, the parade of tiny swimsuits seems to have no end, because days before she shared a series of photographs in which she was also seen with other clothes of different colors, between blue, white and red, were some garments with which he modeled to provoke the reaction of almost 20 thousand users.

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