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Ninel Conde exposes her stunning curves while exercising in tight leggings

Ninel Conde once again made it clear to her 5.4 million Instagram followers that she is not only capable of raising the temperature in front of the sea with the help of her tiny swimsuits that she usually wears, but she is also prepared to splurge beauty and sensuality with practically all kinds of garments, including from the gym while working out, as happened with one of his latest posts.

There is no doubt that the Mexican actress and singer, who is known as “El Bombón Asesino”, is also an expert when it comes to attracting attention within her social networks, where it has become customary to share details of the projects on who participates and her facet as a businesswoman. Of course without forgetting the heated images in which she poses with the minimum of clothing.

And this is how in one of his recent Instagram posts he confessed that one of the questions he is constantly asked has to do with his physical condition and the enviable figure that he maintains at 46, so he did not hesitate to reveal that the key He is in his daily workouts.

“They always ask me how do I stay healthy and in good shape… It’s a decision! When you decide to be the best version of yourself: love you, take care of yourself and give yourself time to achieve your goals… you can do it!” Was the message he shared along with a video in which he appeared doing some exercises with weights.

In addition, he finished the brief recording in which he appeared with a tight beige sports setmaking the recommendation to take consultancies with a team that is capable of motivating, because she confesses that it has not been easy for her either, but thanks to discipline she has managed to meet the objectives that she sets for herself.

To demonstrate that she has a heart-stopping body, the television star also posted a short video in which she appears showing off a white high waisted bodysuit with which she exposed her curves, a spectacular figure that she also boasts through the OnlyFans profile in which she has managed to conquer thousands of subscribers.

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