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Ninel Conde boasts a steel abdomen while recording herself in front of the mirror

Ninel Conde is causing a stir on social media show off her fit silhouette with tiny bikinis and other types of garments that enhance her beauty, but she is also an expert when it comes to raising the temperature while revealing her secrets to show off a heart attack, because according to her recent Instagram posts, physical activity is very important in his daily life, so much so that even when he doesn’t feel like training, he does everything possible to stay in good spirits.

And it is that, apparently, it is customary for “El Bombón Asesino” to expose his exercised silhouette from the gym, where in addition to polishing his figure, constant activity also helps him maintain a positive attitude.

Posing in front of the mirror and wearing tight brown leggings and a white top, it was how the Mexican actress and singer showed off her steel abdomen in a short recording that attracted all eyes.

Today I was a little unmotivatedbut with all the more reason I came to do something good for myself”, he wrote in one of his Instagram stories that was taken up by other social networks and that is causing a stir.

But sharing details of the projects in which she participates and exposing the lifestyle that has led her to have one of the most spectacular bodies among celebrities is already an activity that she enjoys sharing practically every day, so in another series of In videos, he also appeared doing various exercises with the help of weights, ensuring that “you set the limits”, so the secret is to maintain “constancy, discipline and a lot of self-esteem”.

It should be noted that Ninel Conde does not forget her facet as a businesswoman, so she also takes advantage of her popularity to promote some products that she herself uses to lose weight and stay in shape.

Likewise, she takes advantage of the constant trips she makes to attract attention with all kinds of garments, from elegant dresses, sportswear or bathing suits that barely cover the essentials. That was how she again gave something to talk about during a yacht ride in Miami, Florida, where she showed off in a pink bikini that left more than one with their mouths open.

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