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Nilla Fischer ready for Let’s Dance 2023

Now it is clear that Nilla Fischer joins the celebrities who will show off their dancing talents in Let’s Dance 2023. “I think it will be an extremely big challenge,” says Fischer in a clip on Instagram.

Footer: Instagram @fischernilla

In March, it’s time for this year’s edition of the popular program Let’s Dance on TV4. Among this year’s famous participants are the artist Andreas Wijk, the presenter Rickard Sjöberg and the elite skier Charlotte Kalla.

Nilla Fischer about Let’s Dance 2023: “A big challenge”

Now another sports star joins Let’s Dance 2023: Nilla Fischer.

In a clip on the program’s Instagram account, the soccer player says that she is looking forward to participating, while admitting that she is “a little, a little scared”:

“I think it will be an extremely big challenge for me to dance with someone,” she says, adding: “But I love challenges, competing and learning new things.”

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