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Nilla Fischer makes history in Let’s Dance 2023 – the first time that two women compete together

Now it is clear that Nilla Fischer’s dance partner in Swedish Let’s Dance In 2023, Cecilia Ehrling will become Denmark. They thus become the first dance couple consisting of two women in the program’s history.

Photo: TV4

It was when Nilla Fischer was interviewed via video link in News morning on Tuesday as she revealed who her dance partner will be in Let’s Dance 2023.

It is professional dancer Cecilia Ehrling Danermark who will take to the dance floor with the national team icon in the upcoming season, something they are both looking forward to:

“It feels great,” says Fischer. “Cissi has been given a challenge but right now it’s just great fun.”

Ehrling Danermark agrees: “After all the years I’ve been driving, it will be something else.”

Nilla Fischer: “No big deal”

Fischer and Ehrling Danermark is not the first same-sex couple to participate in Swedish Let’s Dance – In 2020 Andreas Lundstedt competed together with Tobias Bader. However, this is the first time that two women compete together, something that Fischer does not think is strange:

“My thought is that it shouldn’t be a big thing, but in 2023 it should be inclusive and natural that regardless of who you want to dance with, the possibility exists and there is nothing strange about that. I love to dance, Cissi loves to dance and it will be absolutely amazing.”

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