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Nicole Falciani on engagement ring from Eric Saade: “Pawnshop”

During his participation in Martin Björk’s Youtube series Intimate with Björken reveals Nicole Falciani what she did with the engagement ring after she and Eric Saade parted ways in 2020. “I left it at a pawn shop,” she says.

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It was in May 2020 that Nicole Falciani told that she and Eric Saade had gone their separate ways. The couple got engaged in 2019 and at the time of the breakup had been together for five years.

“Ended out of nowhere”

In an open-hearted post on Instagram, Falciani talked about the difficult breakup:

“Sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. Eric and I have gone our separate ways. This has taken an incredible toll on me, as it was not what I wanted with the upcoming wedding. Which now no longer comes off. It’s incredibly tough at the moment and there’s a lot that needs to be worked through along the way, but I’m taking it one day at a time,” she wrote.

Later, during a Q&A on her Instagram, Falciani revealed what had actually led her and Saade to call off the wedding shortly before the wedding:

“What happened was, in short, he broke up out of nowhere, when he said he didn’t like my personality. Which he came up with right when we were getting married, after he chose to propose and after we’d been together for five years,” she wrote.

Pawned Eric Saade’s engagement ring

When Falciani takes part in Martin Björk’s Youtube series Intimate with Björken tells the influencer that she and her current boyfriend Adem Berisha – like her now expecting her first child with – not planning a wedding in the first place:

“I also have a lot of demands,” she says. “On the ring and how it’s going to go and everything, so I think he gets a little anxious.”

When Björk mentions that Falciani probably still has the engagement ring from Eric Saade, she reveals what she did with it:

“No, but I have handed it in to a pawnshop”, she says and later adds that she has not done “anything special” for the money:

“I think I just put them in my savings account.”

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