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Nicolás Larcamón sends a claim to Chivas de Guadalajara

Larcamón has not been able to use Canelo Angulo regularly.

Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda / Imago7

Jesús “Canelo” Angulo has not been able to have his dream debut with his new club. El León acquired the renowned soccer player in a barter with the Pachuca Group and the acquisition of Victor “Pocho” Guzman to the Sacred Flock. But Nicolás Larcamón, coach of the emerald team, He criticized the form in which Angulo arrived from Chivas de Guadalajara.

It is worth remembering that In May 2022 Jesús Angulo suffered a fibula fracture in his left leg. This serious injury took him away from the courts for a long time, but Larcamón’s complaint establishes that the player returned to the courts without having a medical discharge due to the needs of the Sacred Flock.

For months (the injury) has kept him far from the level he can have, it seems that in his previous club (Chivas) they pressured him for the recovery that apparently he should have due to the demands of that clubespecially to have him on the field due to the specific weight he had and I think that this attempted so that Jesus is not at the conditional levels (sic) that we need,” Larcamón indicated in statements compiled by Soccer Total MX.

Problems between León and Chivas de Guadalajara

The same report indicates that the feline directive could take action on the matter in relation to this case. The information indicates that there could be some kind of conversations between both directives for the physical state in which the former Chivas de Guadalajara player was sold.

So far, out of 6 possible matches, Jesús Angulo has only been present in 2. But his participation in the field has been scarce, since he has only played 19 minutes this season. Canelo has been training in the lower categories of the club and little by little he will have to resume his level to to be a useful piece to Nicolás Larcamón.

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