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Niches or shelves: which to choose

When decorating the house, many points must be taken into account, among which the available space stands out. In this context, the niches and shelves have been great allies of decoration, offering an extra space for those looking to store their belongings in an organized way and with easy access.

However, when starting to change your environment, it is worth making a list of which elements are most appropriate for each purpose. know more about when choosing niches or shelves­čçž­čçĚ

Find out which item to choose for different types of environments (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

When to choose niches?

Niches are types of closed shelves, which are more appropriate for bedrooms and living rooms for storing books and more delicate decorative items. By way of example, there are small glass vases and ornaments, stone or crystal figurines and all kinds of objects that could eventually fall or be knocked over by the action of the wind.

Another interesting tip about how to use niches is to turn them into bookshelves, featuring personalized book supports to make your private library much more attractive and organized.

It is also possible to use niches in the kitchen, in order to facilitate the arrangement of your objects (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who prefer to apply niches in the kitchen, it is also valid to insert liquor bottles, spice jars, plates or other resources that can provide practicality when cooking, without, of course, losing the refinement that the decoration is capable of offering. However, always keep this object clean, as the humidity and grease produced in the kitchen can penetrate the inner part of the niche.

When to choose shelves?

The shelves are resources that can be used both in the storage of items of decoration for small apartments or other types of residences, when there is difficulty in purchasing suitable furniture. That is, instead of ordering planned furniture, it is possible to build small racks or shelves using only the shelves in the places of your choice.

It is also possible to create a special shelf with the use of shelves (Photo: Disclosure)

In the children’s environment, the shelving models for children’s room they are even more interesting in comparison to niches due to the fact that they are more open and, mainly, when it is necessary to arrange stuffed animals and toys that may eventually suffer from the action of mold.

Just use your creativity to organize the shelves in a practical way that satisfies your demand for an exclusive and personalized design in your environment, leaving your decorative items on display and offering much more versatility to your day to day. Enjoy!

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