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Neymar Jr.’s father would have started a love relationship with the mother of his son’s best friend

Neymar Jr. and his father during a trial in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Photo: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images

Once again Neymar Jr. is in the news off the pitch for something related to his environment. His father, Neymar Santos Sr. would have been captured together with a woman who would be the mother of his son’s best friend and, according to various media outlets in Brazil, both would have started a love relationship in mid-2022.

The event originated last Sunday when they saw ‘Neymar Pai’ at the Marqués de Sapucai Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro together with Mariane Bernardi Santos. Apparently, the couple would have arrived holding hands, although they describe that it was discreet.

Neymar’s father came to the venue to accompany his daughter Rafaella Santos, who had a dance performance for Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, a Scola do Samba based in the Brazilian city of Rio.

This would not be the first time that the couple has been captured. In July of last year they were surprised and also during the World Cup in Qatar 2022. However, it was not until last week that this fact came to light.

According to the stories, Mariane is 45 years old and Neymar Santos is 58. The love between the two would have arisen from the close bond that Neymar Jr. has with his friends. There they met on several occasions, while his son Andrei Bernardi shared with the PSG star.

It is necessary to remember that Neymar’s father separated from the player’s mother, Nadine Gonçalves, seven years ago and he was not known to have a public sentimental relationship until then.

The ‘Canarinha’ striker distanced himself a bit from his father due to several problems and differences once the winger signed for the French team and his problems with the law due to an accusation of sexual assault from which he emerged unharmed. In the series on the Netflix platform, ‘Neymar, the perfect chaos’, some of the player’s discussions with his father can be seen.

Currently, the 31-year-old footballer suffered a sprained right ankle in the last Ligue 1 game and is a doubt for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against Bayern Munich.

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