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New Year’s ritual 2023: what candles to light to have money all year

New Year’s rituals help us manifest what we want to attract in the next cycle. One of the most popular topics is money and if it is one of your concerns for 2023, you can use the candles to channel your desires for economic prosperity.

For this one new year ritual we will occupy three candles: one places orange or orange, another pink and one more red.

The orange color is associated with our motivations, it helps us to have a more optimistic vision of the future and to think positively. The rose is synonymous with self-love and sweetness, which is why it helps us to start the year fully charged with good energy, while the red is associated with our vitality and passion.

The combination of these three colors of candles allow the next 2023 to have positive thoughts, free of negativity, and take action to achieve our monetary goals.

In addition to the candles, you will need to complement the ritual an extended plate, parsley, honey, some bills and a yellow floweraccording to Padme Vidente, author of this spell that she published on the TvAzteca YouTube channel.

New Year’s Ritual Procedure

Place the bunch of parsley on the plate, then bathe it completely with honey and put one or more bills that are in circulation. Close the candles and the yellow flower to make a small altar. Now repeat out loud: “Money come, money come, money come.”

With a match, light the 3 candles, which must be completely consumed. If you need to leave the house, you can turn them off and turn them on again when you return.

The astrologer stressed that with this ritual your economy will flow positively and if someone has a debt with you, it will be paid.

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