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New Year’s Quiz 2022 – Metro Mode

A fun quiz raises the mood at any party, but perhaps especially during New Year’s Eve. Test your friends on their knowledge of the past year!

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Question 1.

During this year’s Oscars, Will Smith received a lot of attention and criticism after ear-filing comedian Chris Rock on stage. During the 90s Will Smith appeared in a popular sitcom, what was it called?

1. A prince in Bel Air.
x. Fresh prince of Bel-Air.
2. Fresh Style in Bel Air.

Question 2.

In May, Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest. What was the song called?

1. Mama Stefania
x. Kalush Orchestra
2. Stephanie

Question 3.

On June 24, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a ruling that protected free abortion. When did Roe v. Wade take place?

1. 1967
x. 1973
2. 1959

Question 4.

On September 8, Queen Elisabeth died after reigning for over 70 years on the British throne. Her successor will be her eldest son. What will be his new title as king?

1. Charles III.
x. George IV.
2. Charles II.

Question 5

Liz Truss became the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history when she resigned in the autumn. How many days was she prime minister?

1. 182 days.
x. 60 days.
2. 45 days.

Question 6.

On October 6, author Annie Ernaux was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. Several of her novels are autobiographical. What is the literary genre called where fact and fiction are mixed, which constitutes an autobiography in the form of a novel?

1. Exofiction
x. I novel
2. Autofiction

Question 7.

Author Salman Rushdie was attacked and seriously injured during a performance in New York this summer. He has long lived under threat because of a book published in 1988. What was it called?

1. The Satanic Verses
x. Midnight’s Children
2. The golden house

Question 8.

Nyamko Sabuni resigned as party leader for the Liberals in the spring. She was succeeded by Johan Pehrson. What was the name of her representative?

1. Göran Hägglund
x. Jan Björklund
2. Lars Leijonborg

Question 9.

In this year’s round of “So much better” Anna Ternheim was one of the hosts. In 2005, she released an attention-grabbing cover. What was the song called?

1. Go my own way
x. Separation Road
2. Shorelines

Question 10.

A breakthrough in healthcare took place at the beginning of the year when a patient received a heart from a genetically modified pig operated on for the first time. The patient lived for two months after the operation. What is it called when an organ is transplanted across species boundaries?

1. Xenotransplantation
x. Cardiomyopathy
2. Hyperplasia

Question 11.

A series of eruptions from the volcano Hunga Tonga in the Pacific Ocean had an explosive eruption during the year which, among other things, caused a tsunami. During a volcanic eruption, magma pushes up from the Earth’s interior and solidifies into lava when it reaches a colder temperature. What is magma made of?

1. Coal
x. Molten rocks
2. Crude oil

Question 12.

On July 25, a new Swedish pole vault world record is set with a height of 6.21 meters during the world championships in athletics in the USA. What is the name of the pole vaulter?

1. Erik Öhrling
x. Maja Nilsson
2. Armand Duplantis


Question 1 – x

Question 2 – 2

Question 3 – x

Question 4 – 1

Question 5 – 2

Question 6 – 2

Question 7 – 1

Question 8 – x

Question 9 – 2

Question 10 – 1

Question 11 – x

Question 12 – 2

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