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New Year’s Eve 2022 Mega Sena: all about

With the end of the year approaching, many gamblers are already looking forward to the Mega Sena at the turn of 2022, the grand prize of Brazilian lotteries that, as the name implies, is given as a “New Year’s gift” to those who are lucky. to be awarded.

In addition, unlike other conventional draws in the category, the result of the Mega Sena turn 2022 always ends up with a winner, regardless of whether the winner hits all six dozens or not, which increases the bettor’s chances.

So, here is all the main information about the grand prize and how you can start preparing for the Mega Sena at the turn of 2022.

What this article covers:

What is Mega Sena da Virada?

The New Year 2022 Mega Sena is the last draw of the year, in the Caixa Loterias betting category, being the biggest prize offered in relation to all the others throughout the year. In addition, the amount given to the winners is accumulated over the course of the draws that take place during that year, where a portion of the collection is always set aside for this special draw.

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Another interesting point is that, unlike other draws, the result of this one always ends up with a winner, no matter if someone matched all the numbers drawn, or just a part of them. If there is no player who manages to record all the tens, the prize goes to the ones that came closest to it.

What will be the value of the Mega Sena da Virada 2022 prize?

Although there is still no concrete amount that will be awarded in the Mega Sena result at the turn of 2022, it is estimated that, as in the last years of the award, the final value will be above R$ 300 million.

So far, the accumulated amount for the draw is approximately R$110 million, but this number is expected to increase significantly over the rest of the year.

What date will the 2022 Mega Sena da Virada draw be?

As with the other special contests at the end of the year, the draw for the 2022 version will take place on December 31st, starting at 8 pm. This tradition has been maintained since the special draw was created, regardless of the day of the week on which the date ends up falling each year.

In this year’s case, the 2022 Mega Sena draw takes place on a Saturday.

How many numbers are drawn in Mega Sena da Virada?

Following in exactly the same way as the weekly draws, the result of the Mega Sena at the turn of 2022 draws, as the name already says, six tens, ranging from number 01 to 60. The citizen who manages to match the six numbers, is the big winner, with the prize being divided equally if there is more than one winner.

How many numbers are drawn in Mega Sena da Virada
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However, the differential of the Mega Sena at the turn is that, if no one matches the six numbers, the prize does not accumulate, and passes to citizens who match five of these numbers, and if there is still no winner, those who match four tens of the six drawn. are the big winners, with the award always being divided equally.

What is the minimum amount to bet on Mega Sena da Virada?

If the article has already piqued your interest in placing a bet on the Mega Sena 2022, rest assured about your pocket, as the minimum bet amount is very low. With just R$4.50, you can place a bet on the drawing that can make you a multimillionaire.

In addition to the minimum bet, in which the player bets only the 6 numbers, there is the possibility of marking up to 15 tens on a single ticket, but the amount paid for the bet is exorbitantly expensive, and can reach around R$20,000. However, when you think about the final value of the Mega Sena prize at the turn of 2022, that amount does not seem that big.

Knowing better about this very special draw, be sure to keep an eye out, to make that “little faith” when the Mega Sena 2022 betting starts, something that usually happens in the month of November. Until 7 pm on December 31st.

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